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IHARA Ikuo [ Professor ]
Innovative Interdisciplinary Mechanical Engineering Group
Materials/Mechanics of materials,Measurement engineering,Material processing/Microstructural control engineering
INUKAI Naoyuki [ Associate Professor ]
Disaster Prevention Systems Group
Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology,Hydraulic engineering
ISOBE Hiromi [ Associate Professor ]
Design and Production Engineering Group
Design engineering/Machine functional elements/Tribology,Production engineering/Processing studies
ITOH Junichi [ Professor ]
GIGAKU Energy Group
Power engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery
Infrastructure Management Group
Civil engineering project/Traffic engineering
IWAHASHI Masahiro [ Professor ]
Information, Telecommunication and Control Systems Group
Communication/Network engineering,source coding, data compression, JPEG, MPEG, lossless, DCT, wavelet,image recognition, detection, classification, wavelet transform,
IWASAKI Eiji [ Professor ]
Infrastructure Management Group
Structural engineering/Earthquake engineering/Maintenance management engineering
JIANG Weihua [ Professor ]
Advanced Energy Engineering Group
Power engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery,Plasma science
KADOWAKI Satoshi [ Professor ]
Safety Standard and Design Group
Social systems engineering/Safety system,Thermal engineering
KAMADO Shigeharu [ Executive Director, Vice President ]
Executive Director, Vice President
Material processing/Microstructural control engineering,Structural/Functional materials,Metal making/Resorce production engineering

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