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KOBAYASHI Yasuhide [ Associate Professor ]
Information and Control Engineering Group
Control engineering/System engineering
KOMATSU Keiji [ Assistant Professor ]
Materials Function Engineering Group
Structural/Functional materials
KOMATSU Takayuki [ Professor ]
Materials Design Engineering Group
Inorganic materials/Physical properties
KOMATSU Toshiya [ Associate Professor ]
Environment Management Group
Civil and environmental engineering
LU Minjiao [ Professor ]
Environment Management Group
Hydraulic engineering
MATSUBARA Hiroshi [ Professor ]
Mathematics and Science Group
Composite materials/Surface and interface engineering,Thin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties,Structural/Functional materials
MATSUDA Yoko [ Associate Professor ]
Disaster Prevention Systems Group
Civil engineering project/Traffic engineering,Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science
MATSUKAWA Toshiya [ Assistant Professor ]
Infrastructure Design Group
Town planning/Architectural planning
MATSUMOTO Yoshinobu [ Assistant Professor ]
Safety Technology Group
Nuclear engineering
MATSUYA Iwao [ Assistant Professor ]
Innovative Interdisciplinary Mechanical Engineering Group
Measurement engineering,General applied physics,Biofunction/Bioprocess

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