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SHIRONITA Sayoko [ Specially Appointed Associate Professor for Academia-Industry Fusion ]
Energy and Environment Materials Engineering Group
Siriporn Taokaew [ Assistant Professor ]
Biointeractive and Bioinspired Materials Engineering Group
Biomaterial Design,Biochemical Engineering
SUEMATSU Hisayuki [ Professor ]
Advanced Energy Engineering Group
SUGAI Taichi [ Assistant Professor ]
Advanced Energy Engineering Group
Plasma electronics,Power engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery
SUGATA Toshinori
Electron device/Electronic equipment
SUGIMOTO Mitsutaka [ Professor ]
Infrastructure Design Group
Geotechnical engineering,Civil engineering materials/Construction/Construction management
SUGITA Yasunori [ Associate Professor ]
Information, Telecommunication and Control Systems Group
SUZUKI Atsuyuki [ Associate Professor ]
Design and Production Engineering Group
SUZUKI Izumi [ Assistant Professor ]
Management Systems Group
Intelligent informatics
SUZUKI Masataro [ Associate Professor ]
Safety Certification Group
Combustion,Fire Safety,Thermal engineering

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