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HARA Shin-ichiro [ Professor ]
Mathematics and Science Group
HONDA Hajime [ Professor ]
Materials Creation Engineering Group
Biophysics,Cell biology,Biological physics/Chemical physics/Soft matter physics,Nanomaterials chemistry,Neurophysiology / General neuroscience
INUKAI Naoyuki [ Associate Professor ]
Disaster Prevention Systems Group
Hydraulic engineering,Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science,Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology
ITO Haruhiko [ Associate Professor ]
Materials Creation Engineering Group
Thin film/Surface and interfacial physical properties,Plasma science,Basic chemistry
JIANG Weihua [ Professor ]
Advanced Radiation Engineering Group
Power engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery,Plasma science
KIDOKORO Shun-ichi [ Professor ]
Materials Creation Engineering Group
Biophysics,Biofunction/Bioprocess,Biological physics/Chemical physics/Soft matter physics
KIKUCHI Takashi [ Associate Professor ]
Nuclear System Engineering Group
Nuclear fusion studies,Computational science,Quantum beam science,Plasma science,Risk sciences of radiation and chemicals
KUMAKURA Toshiro [ Associate Professor ]
Environment Management Group
Natural disaster / Disaster prevention science,Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology,Environmental dynamic analysis
MANADA Akiko [ Associate Professor ]
Information, Telecommunication and Control Group
Theory of informatics,Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics
NAKAYAMA Tadachika [ Professor ]
GIGAKU Materials Group
Inorganic materials/Physical properties,Inorganic industrial materials,Plasma science,Nanomaterials chemistry,Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden,Energy engineering

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