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ABE Masajiro [ Professor ]
Safety Standard and Design Group
Dynamics/Control,Design engineering/Machine functional elements/Tribology,Social systems engineering/Safety system
DO Thi Mai Dung [ Assistant Professor ]
Safety Management Group
Nuclear engineering
FUMINORI Nakamura [ Assistant Professor ]
Infrastructure Management Group
Civil engineering materials/Construction/Construction management,Hydraulic engineering
HAGA Hitoshi [ Associate Professor ]
Electric Energy System and Control Engineering Group
Power engineering/Power conversion/Electric machinery
HATAMOTO Masashi [ Specially Appointed Associate Professor for Academia-Industry Fusion ]
Environment Management Group
Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden,Civil and environmental engineering
HATOYAMA Kiichiro [ Specially Appointed Associate Professor for Academia-Industry Fusion ]
Top Runner Incubation Center for Academia-Industry Fusion
Civil engineering project/Traffic engineering
HOMMA Tomoyuki [ Associate Professor ]
Material Science and Engineering Group
Phase transformation,Diffraction Physics,Physical properties of metals/Metal-base materials,Light metals,Physical Metallurgy
HONMA Tsuyoshi [ Associate Professor ]
Energy and Environment Materials Engineering Group
Inorganic materials/Physical properties,Inorganic industrial materials,Inorganic chemistry
HOSOYAMADA Tokuzo [ Professor ]
Disaster Prevention Systems Group
Hydraulic engineering,Fluid engineering
IHARA Ikuo [ Professor ]
Innovative Interdisciplinary Mechanical Engineering Group
Materials/Mechanics of materials,Measurement engineering,Material processing/Microstructural control engineering

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